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A white plate of Shrimp Scampi with sliced lemons and diced tomatoes.

Shrimp Scampi

This Shrimp Scampi recipe has a buttery white wine sauce with garlic, diced tomatoes, and angel hair pasta! Your family will love this restaurant quality meal! Bonus: It’s really...

Greens and Beans in a skillet with bacon and freshly sliced lemon.

Greens and Beans

This healthy mix of Greens and Beans is served with a savory white wine sauce, a squeeze of fresh lemon, Parmesan cheese, crispy bacon, and freshly cracked pepper! It’s...

Creamy Chicken Pasta in a skillet with a wooden spoon and chopped parsley.

Creamy Chicken Pasta

This Creamy Chicken Pasta has the most flavorful cream sauce tossed with crispy seared chicken. It’s easy to make and can be served with any kind of pasta! Add-on...

Cajun Shrimp in a skillet with sauce, bell peppers, and lime wedges.

Cajun Shrimp

This Cajun Shrimp recipe has the most flavorful sauce that’s great for serving over rice or pasta! It’s easy to make and easy to add corn, black beans, and...

Marry Me Chicken on a white plate with pasta on the side.

Marry Me Chicken

This Marry Me Chicken recipe is the most irresistible chicken dinner with plenty of restaurant-quality sauce that tastes great over pasta! (Note: A wedding proposal may follow.) Be sure...

A skillet of Ramen Noodles with Beef and Broccoli in a brown sauce.

Beef and Broccoli Ramen

This Beef and Broccoli recipe is made with savory Ramen noodles in a delicious brown sauce! It’s an easy stir fry recipe that your family will love! Be sure...

A pile of Fried Shrimp on a white plate with lemon slices and sauce.

Fried Shrimp

This Fried Shrimp recipe has extra crispy, seasoned panko breading on the outside with perfectly cooked shrimp on the inside. Serve with lemon slices and your choice of dipping...

Slices of No Knead Bread on a cutting board.

No Knead Bread

This light and airy no-knead bread recipe is easy to make with or without a Dutch oven! The dough requires minimal handling, with bread that’s crusty on the outside...

A skillet of homemade Hamburger Helper with a wooden spoon.

Homemade Hamburger Helper

This Homemade Hamburger Helper has a classic combination of beef and macaroni in a cheeseburger sauce with simple seasonings. It’s easy to make and has the best homemade flavor!...

A skillet filled with Shrimp Alfredo with Fettucine.

Shrimp Alfredo

This Shrimp Alfredo recipe has the best homemade sauce that’s easy to make and serve with pasta. You’ll think it came from a restaurant!

Homemade Pizza on a pizza stone with pepperoni, peppers, and olives.

Homemade Pizza

This homemade pizza recipe is easy to make with restaurant quality dough that bakes up to golden perfection! Top it with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and your favorite toppings...

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